CTI’s Awards from EPA

Last month the Evangelical Press Association held their annual conference, and as part of their gathering they announced the winners of their Awards of Excellence and Higher Goals awards.  Christianity Today International won quite a few, we’ve listed them for you here.

Awards of Excellence

Christian Ministries
Award of Excellence: Leadership
Award of Merit: Your Church

Award of Merit: Christianity Today

Award of Merit: Christianity Today Online
Award of Merit: Small Groups.com

Higher Goals

Article Series
4th Place: Christianity Today, “The Global Conversation” by Christopher Wright, J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, Joseph Cumming.

Best Blog: Noncorporate
2nd Place: SKYEBOX by Skye Jethani (Managing Editor of Leadership)

Biblical Exposition
3rd Place: Christianity Today, “Still The Way, The Truth, and The Life” by John R. Franke.
4th Place: Leadership, “Walls Do Talk” by Paul Louis Metzger.

5th Place: Your Church, “Church Collateral” by David Harbaugh

Cause of the Year: God as Creator
2nd Place: Christianity Today Online, “Chaos Theology” by Mark Galli
5th Place: Christianity Today, “Augustine’s Origin of Species” by Alister McGrath

Critical Review
2nd Place: Christianity Today, “Meager Harvest” by Telford Work
3rd Place: Leadership, “How a Mighty Church Falls” by Gordon MacDonald
5th Place: Christianity Today Online, “No Line on the Horizon’ Is No Radical Invention of U2 (Hooray!)” by Andy Whitman

3rd Place: Christianity Today, “Three Gifts for Hard Times” by William J. Stuntz

1st Place: Christianity Today, “Is the Gay Marriage Debate Over?” by Mark Galli
2nd Place: Out of Ur, “Skye Jethani: Generation of Sarcasm” by Skye Jethani
4th Place: Christianity Today Online,The New (Evangelical) Mainline” by Mark Galli

Evangelism Article
3rd Place: Leadership, “The Gospel for iGens” by Scot McKnight
4th Place: Your Church, “Bringing Joy to the World” by Lee Dean

First-Person Article
5th Place: Leadership, “The God Bearers” by Lt. Cmdr. Bruce Crouterfield

General Article: Long
2nd Place: Leadership, “Can Your Church Handle the Truth?” by Matt Russell with Angie Ward
4th Place: Christianity Today, “The Case for Early Marriage” by Mark Regnerus

General Article: Short
3rd Place: Leadership, “Messy, Costly, Dirty Ministry” by Mark Buchanan

4th Place: Out of Ur, ‘The Next BIG Things” by Url Scaramanga

Interview Article
1st Place: Christian Music Today, “Rising from the Valley of Death” by Mark Moring
5th Place: Your Church, “Budget Bullseye” by Marian Liautaud

Personality Article
1st Place: Christianity Today, “The Controversialist” by Molly Worthen
2nd Place: Christianity Today Online, “A Song Grows in Brooklyn” by Alissa Wilkinson

2nd Place: Leadership, “Trouble Brewing” by Eric Reed

Standing Column
5th Place: Christianity Today, “Wrestling With Angels” by Carolyn Arends

Original Art: Digital/Mixed Media
2nd Place: Leadership, “The Sin Tamer” by Doug Fleener

Photo Feature
4th Place: Christianity Today, “Cuba for Christ” by Jeremy Weber, writer; Gary Gnidovic, photographer

Publication Design
3rd Place: Leadership, Doug Fleener, designer

Publication Redesign
1st Place: Christianity Today, Gary Gnidovic, Alecia Sharp, designers