The Winning Combination: Print and Digital

Digital and Print can be a successful combination

To piggyback on last month’s post by Wes Jakacki, “QR Codes: Ugly but Trending,” I recently read an article on how luxury automakers combine print and digital for highly-targeted, engaging marketing. You might wonder why I would write about luxury automakers on CT Advertising’s blog. 🙂 But this article makes some interesting points that transfer well to reaching the Christian audience. Author Rachel Lamb quotes Phillipp Reiker, strategy director for Siegel+Gate, as saying, “Because print is so segmented, it offers the opportunity to reach a highly targeted, luxury-oriented audience.” Note the emphasis on “highly targeted.” Patrick Whelan, president of Great Reach Communications, said “Print is more permanent and it is much more effective at creating a visual appeal than most digital methods.” He goes on to say, “Print is the most effective branding tool there is.” So, should print be used exclusively? Certainly not in this digital age. A well-rounded advertising campaign will include both print and digital. According to Ms. Lamb, combining the two by using QR codes in print ads to bring potential customers to your website offers the greatest advantage. She gives examples of how Maserati, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz are doing just that. Elizabeth DeMaso, managing partner of Brenes Co., says QR codes are especially good at helping you reach consumers who are in the midst of the purchase process. They’re actually looking for ads to help them identify all the options. After all, she says, print’s primary purpose is “to garner attention and capture interest.” It’s “one of the tools in a marketer’s arsenal and it should drive [customers] to the web” via QR codes, where they can get a more in-depth look at your offerings. Take a tip from these automakers on how to reach your target audience: Advertise in targeted print publications and lead them to your website for an engaging online experience. Christianity Today’s magazines offer you this opportunity. You won’t find any more highly targeted print advertising opportunities for increasing your brand awareness among influential Christian leaders and other active and involved Christians.   Read the full article, “Luxury Automakers Combine Print, Digital for Highly-targeted, Engaging Marketing” here.



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