Real Time Creative Optimization Can Double Click-through Rates

Live Split Testing

We found this case study from Experian on Taunton email efforts to be very helpful in figuring out the best creative and maximizing click-through rates.

The case study showed that real-time creative optimization doubled click-through rates. What is real-time creative optimization, you ask? Real-time optimization (or live split-testing) is when you deliver a split-test of creatives to a small percentage of your list (like 10%) and then send the winner to the other 90%. Say you are having a dispute with a designer or co-worker over which alignment, color, or message would work best for an eblast: let the testing prove which is best. With live split-testing, you aren’t wasting half of your list on a less dynamic creative, but rather using a small portion to give you insight on which creative to send to the lion’s share of the list.

Talk with your Account Executive about using real-time optimization with your next eblast to identify engaging creatives and maximize interaction with your audience. Learn what facets of creatives work best and increase click-through to your landing page.