Key Advertiser Spotlight: Thomas Nelson Mobile Banner

Lincoln's Battle with God Mobile Banner

In this month’s advertising spotlight, we would like to highlight for the first time one of our mobile banners, especially since mobile traffic has multiplied in the past year. Last month, Thomas Nelson ran this wonderful mobile banner for Lincoln’s Battle with God, a book about Lincoln’s struggle with faith and what it meant for America. This compelling book is marked by an equally compelling ad to pull the reader in.


What makes this banner work:

  1. This banner is highly topical in a banner year (pun intended) for Abraham Lincoln, with two movies being released about our 16th President (and one even including vampires).  This has also been a hugely political year, with the country virtually split in half politically, much like it was in Lincoln’s day. Creating a product and ultimately an ad that speaks to what your audience is currently experiencing is a sure road to success.
  2. While only 320×50 pixels, the ad still manages to be crisp and well-designed, and above all else, easy to read. The images of the book and of Lincoln make it clear what the ad is promoting.
  3. The copy for this banner explains exactly what the book is about and does it in a way that makes you want to read more. The copy also makes clear that the book is available to order now.

Again, kudos to Thomas Nelson for effectively reaching this growing mobile audience.

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