Making the Case for Print (again)


Print ad from Lego’s “Imagine” campaign

As you’ve probable noticed, we here at CT are strong proponents of the relevancy and efficacy of the printed word. Especially when it comes to print advertising.

Seems we’re not the only ones.

In a recent article for USA Today entitled: “Don’t write off print ads just yet”, journalist and media-guru  Michael Wolff explains why he still believes print advertising to be relevant and necessary in today’s marketplace, and why a “written world” is more effective than an “un-written” one…

“An unwritten world turns out to be a significantly less successful and less communicative place, where it is harder to make a message lasting and meaningful and, on top of that, harder to move merchandise.”

He points out that even in an agency environment where it is more lucrative to sell television and digital campaigns, heavy-hitters such as Apple, Lego, Google, and Harley Davidson still see the value of a strong print campaign and continue to invest heavily in them.  What is it that these companies value about print that the rest of us seem to have forgotten? According to Wolff:

  • An active reader is much more engaged with your message than a passive viewer.
  • The effectiveness of a passive medium such as video, tends to become ever-less watched, fading into background noise (think “elevator music”).
  • One image is more effective/memorable than many images.
  • Strong print ads have a positive effect on the media they run in, and vice-versa.
  • The explanatory effect of the written word is a much more effective sales technique than the passive stimulation of video.

So, while print may no longer be the most glamorous or most popular of the media sisters, she still remains the most literate and the most persuasive, greatly increasing the effectiveness of any media campaign.

Read Michael Wolff’s article.