Leadership and TCW Are Picking up the Pace

We’re excited about some big changes happening with Leadership Journal and Today’s Christian Woman. For the first time in its history, Leadership Journal is no longer a quarterly publication. It’s officially gone monthly! Subscribers will still receive four print issues a year. What’s new is access to 12 digital issues. These digital issues are smaller and more accessible—readers can easily relax, read the carefully focused articles, and get through an issue in one sitting. Each issue is still on a theme that today’s church leaders are talking about. If you want to check it out, download the November issue for FREE from iTunes. le_tcw_covers Not to be outdone, Today’s Christian Woman is now a weekly publication. Every week a new compact, digital issue delivers an in-depth look at a single topic relevant to Christian women, ranging from sexuality to creativity to identity, vocation, calling, and more. The issues are simple and sleek, designed to remove clutter and distraction from the reading experience. For both publications, the smaller, simpler, and more frequent issues will provide a better reading experience for subscribers, plus give advertisers new opportunities to reach ministry leaders and Christian women. If you’d like to subscribe, use these links: Leadership Journal Today’s Christian Woman Or contact us if you’d like to discuss advertising opportunities.