Introducing CT Women!

Christianity Today recently made some strategic changes to our “women’s brands” in order to create a unified site for women’s content.

CT Women, our new place to highlight writing by Christian women, officially went live in late September. Combining the strengths and successes of both Today’s Christian Woman and Her.meneutics and now housed on our flagship, CT Women will cover leaders, trends, and ideas that shape how women are living out the gospel today.

By drawing this new brand within the walls of Christianity Today, CT Women will benefit from being a part of CT’s legacy that has been built throughout the past 60 years.

When you advertise in CT Women, you will reach deep-thinking, spiritually-rich, and culturally engaged Christian women. The articles you’ll find at CT Women will be uniquely for women and not for a general audience.

As you may know, in May Today’s Christian Woman transitioned away from its biweekly publication model. However, Today’s Christian Woman’s site remains and will continue to publish new content, which will sustain its high traffic numbers. As Today’s Christian Woman is still a part of our Women’s Banner Package, advertising to women readers across all of Christianity Today’s brands is a great option for any campaign targeting women and their families.

The creation of CT Women also affects some of our newsletter sales opportunities. The Today’s Christian Woman newsletter and Her.meneutics newsletter merged to create the CT Women newsletter, providing a larger audience for bringing your unique advertising message to women. And ParentConnect and Marriage Partnership newsletters merged to create our Marriage & Family newsletter, providing a larger, more-engaged list.

We are excited about these changes! We believe that, together, they help build the momentum we have seen over the past couple years from our women readers.