Meet Our Team

Ad Sales

Walter Hegel
Senior Sales Manager
Regions: IL, MI, TN, LA, MS, AL, WI, TX, & International
Walter is a veteran sales manager with a knack for finding win-win solutions. He always keeps the client’s best interests at heart. When he’s not at work, he enjoys playing golf and hanging out with his wife and five children.


Marketing Communications

Natalie Lederhouse
Director of Ad Operations & Partnerships
630.260.6200 x7229
Natalie heads up the marketing efforts for,, and for our advertising team. In her free time, Natalie enjoys watching cooking shows with her husband, Jeremy; spending time with her two children; and perusing Pinterest for new decorating ideas.
jillianpic Jillian Hathaway
Art Director
Jillian Hathaway is the Art Director for Christianity Today’s Advertising Department. She has 10 years of experience in design of all kinds and enjoys each new challenge. She and her husband Josh enjoy serving at their church, hunting for a good fish taco in Illinois (hard to find!), and any kind of travel they can muster with their two children in tow.
Marisa Tirado
Assistant Marketing Manager
Marisa Tirado is the Assistant Marketing Manager in the Advertising Department. She works as a liaison between design, sales and editorial during marketing initiatives. She also manages the CT Job Board site and tackles creative email promotions. In her spare time, she sails on Lake Michigan and volunteers at her favorite organizations in her Chicago neighborhood.



Accounts Receivable

Hazel Ziebell Hazel Ziebell
Accounts Receivable Manager
630.260.6202 x4259
Hazel has worked in credit and accounts receivable with large and small organizations. Her first concern is the customer, and she is always working toward a win-win. She has a servant’s heart and an ardent love for butterflies.
Claudia Gerwin Claudia Gerwin
Accounts Receivable Representative
630.260.6202 x7317
Claudia has over 20 years of bookkeeping experience for another publisher, and is thrilled to put those skills to use here at CT. When not entering data into the computer, she can be found working on a variety of needlework projects and watching “Bones” with her husband.
Stacy Smith Stacy Smith
Sales Administrator
630.260.6202 x4334
Stacy has worked for CTI for 10 years. She has a quiet countenance and carries a big stick. She’s our ringmaster—orchestrating contract details for the sales team, maintaining the accounts receivable software, and managing timely client artwork processing for Marketplace and print magazine production.



Ad Operations

Kim Clay Kim Clay
Email Operations Specialist
630.260.6200 x4227
Kim oversees eNewsletter and eBlast production and coordinates eNewsletter advertising. When not at work, she spends her time playing princesses with her toddler daughter and watching classic films with her husband.