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Why You Should Consider Video Advertising

videoIn the article “The 4 Digital Advertising Trends That Are Reshaping Advertising” for Entrepreneur magazine, writer and CEO of engage:BDR Ted Dhanik spells out the importance of video marketing–most importantly, how to cultivate video consumption on handheld devices. He points out that 30 percent of all online videos are played on smart phones and tablets, and that with the rise of the phone/tablet hybrid–the “phablet”–we can expect that number to continue to climb.

Video might now be one of the most lucrative ways to advertise, as smartphones are becoming a way to avoid more traditional advertising. Dhanik explains: “When TV commercials begin, people look down at their phones. On the bus or subway, people focus on their digital screens instead of the ads passing by in the cityscape. When radio ads begin, people change the station. However, when people are already looking at their smartphone, nothing is going to distract them.” Digital Sherpa reports that “80 percent of online visitors will watch a video in its entirety, while only 20 percent will read content in its entirety,” while “80 percent of Internet users recall the video ads they see online.”

The article includes lots of other helpful tips, such as developing “native advertising” and looking at viewable impressions and behavioral data.Read more here and consider how these trends could shape your advertising strategy.

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Nonprofit Marketing Trends for 2015

What is your number one priority in 2015? In today’s fast-paced society, marketing tactics and communications channels are constantly changing. Quickly identifying areas of growth and adapting to new technology are essential to success.

The fifth annual Nonprofit Communication Trends Report sheds light on current nonprofit marketing strategies, failures from 2014, and upcoming plans and challenges in 2015. The report gives an excellent baseline to the norms for nonprofit communications in 2015.

Expect many nonprofit marketers to increase the frequency of email and print marketing efforts. Another key shift in 2015 is making donor retention a higher priority than new donor acquisition.

Some of the biggest challenges facing nonprofit marketers are: lack of time to produce quality content, lack of budget for direct expenses, and the inability to measure effectiveness.

Communication and Marketing at your average nonprofit in 2015 include:

  • “Engaging Our Community” as a top priority.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are the most important media sites.
  • Email newsletters and email appeals are both sent monthly.
  • Direct Mail appeals are sent twice a year, print newsletters are sent quarterly (if at all).

The full report is available online at



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Maximizing Social Media Sharing

What is a better advertisement than the recommendation of a friend? When someone who knows me well endorses a product, or suggests I check out an article or a website, I will almost definitely take a second look. Social media is where most of this kind of sharing takes place these days, so it’s important that you are considering how to maximize your word-of-mouth marketing by encouraging your customers to share their positive experiences on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, and anywhere else their friends are listening.

Social Media Link recently completed the 2014 Social Media Recommendation Index, an annual survey of 24,000 active users of social media that studies how consumer recommendations and social networks impact purchase decisions. The results showed that Facebook and Instagram were the most popular platforms for sharing purchases, and that trust in recommendations made on Pinterest grew by 12 percent in the past year. Consumers also overwhelmingly said they did not mind if the reviewer had received free products in exchange for the review—88 percent of respondents said they trusted such a review, especially if it came from a friend or family member.

The infographic below details more of the study’s findings and takeaways that can help your brand develop strongMaxer sharing strategies through every stage of the purchase process.

Social_Recommendations_Index_Infographic_2014 (2)

For more on the study, go here.


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The Print Comeback Continues

88015802Department-store operator J. C. Penney recently announced it would be reviving its print catalog, which it stopped printing in 2010, because data showed that it drove people to shop more online. According to the article, when Penney’s closed the print catalog, they thought that their audience would just switch to online shopping. What they discovered, however, is that the print catalog had led to more online sales. Since I have always been a believer in print, this news brought a smile to my face.

The article connects this decision to a larger trend toward the comeback of print: “In Joe Pulizzi’s thought-provoking 2012 blog post on the 7 reasons to rethink print he quotes a niche publisher who told him—’The web is where we go to get answers but print is where we go to ask questions.’ Joe states that print is still the best medium on the planet for thinking outside the box and asking yourself tough questions based on what you read—it’s a ‘lean back’ versus ‘lean forward’ experience for the reader.”

Of course, we know that many advertisers have limited funds for their various campaigns; however, the information above suggests that this may be the perfect time to reevaluate your options and reconsider the branding capabilities that print magazines can offer. At Christianity Today we work with our clients to offer the best possible overall pricing available for our publications. With over 600,000 subscribers to our print publications, I encourage you to reconsider adding print options to your campaign.

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Top 7 Online Marketing Trends for 2015

Top 7 Online Marketing TrendsWith ever-changing technology and continuous advancements in the digital field, it’s hard to stay on top of online marketing best practices. Jayson DeMers, founder and CEO at AudienceBloom, has written a helpful article laying out the Top 7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2015. Here are the trends he predicts will be front and center throughout the coming year:


1. Mobile-optimization will become more important than ever.
2. Social media ad spend will sharply increase as brands realize the importance of social media marketing.
3. Content marketing will be (even) bigger than ever.
4. Email marketing will receive a renewed focus.
5. The lines between SEO, content marketing, and social media will become more blurred.
6. Brands will scramble to humanize.
7. Marketers will find new ways of making native advertising less promotional and more relevant.

You can read the entire article on Forbes.

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