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2015 Media Kit: Resources to help you meet your marketing goals

I haven’t even bought a turkey for Thanksgiving yet, but here at work I’m already well into 2015 projects — tweaking next year’s plans and figuring out how to meet my marketing goals. If you’re in the same boat, here’s something that might help — our new 2015 Media Kit.

You can download the entire media kit pdf, or you can get the same information by navigating this website. Either way, you’ll find information on our print, digital, mobile, and social opportunities that can connect you with over 3.5 million responsive consumers every month.

I like this graphic that our designer, Michael, developed to show our current (and growing) reach:

Resource growth

If you’re looking for creative solutions to help you meet your 2015 goals, take a look through the media kit, then contact Toks, Walter, or Peggy. They can customize a plan to your exact budget and marketing needs.

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Give Free Fonts a Chance

Don’t be so quick to dismiss “free” fonts.

Back in the day a good designer wouldn’t be caught dead using “free” fonts. And with good reason—most free fonts were amateurish at best and total abominations at worst. But my, how times have changed. In an online column for Smashing Magazine, Jeremiah Shoaf encourages designers to take a fresh look at free fonts. According to Shoaf, “large companies such as Adobe and Google, have been commissioning fonts for open-source projects and making them available for free on the web.” These open-source fonts are created by competent, professional typographers and are of a much higher quality than those of the past. Most are specifically designed with the web in mind, having multiple weights and matching italics, making them ideal for both headlines and body copy, as well as insuring they render well on all screen sizes and resolutions.

Here is a handful of the fonts Shoaf recommends:

1. Alegreya. A reader font designed by Juan Pablo del Peral, this award-winning font is a hidden-gem and has garnered several awards.

2. Source Sans Pro. This is a versatile, modern, open-source font from Adobe and is available in 6 different weights. It was designed by Paul D. Hunt and intended to work well in user interfaces.

3. Open Sans. Google commissioned Steve Matteson for this “flat design” font. It has become one of the more popular open-source fonts on the web. Available in five weights – with matching italics – it’s a workhorse that can be trusted in almost any circumstance

4.  Merriweather. Here’s a nice serif font designed by Eben Sorkin. It’s great for online reading and has a companion sans-serif version.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to tool around Google fonts yourself and see what you can find. You can also check out Jeremiah’s article in its entirety here.

One final caveat: even though these fonts are “free” they’re the result of a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. It’s a good idea to support the designers who created them by either purchasing other fonts they have created or making a financial donation.

Jeremiah Shoaf is a freelance designer from Colorado. He is the curator of Typewolf and creates flat-file CMS themes for his other side project, Type & Grids. He also continually updates a curated list of open-source free fonts.

Michael Chuchvara, our team’s graphic designer, is our creative genius, designing eye-catching flyers, inserts, and e-blasts.

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Utilizing all the Tools that CT has to Offer

Beginning as a single magazine launched by Billy Graham in 1956, Christianity Today has grown into a global communications ministry featuring six print magazines, three interactive print publications, newsletters, mobile, social media, and a network of websites, with being our flagship. With the launch of our iPad app for Christianity Today, Leadership Journal, and Today’s Christian Woman, we now combine the branding capabilities of print advertising and the strength of online advertising by linking the publication to the digital world and all its benefits. “It was found that readers recall tablet ads as strongly as they recall print ads, but the interactivity available with tablet ads opens the possibility of extending the message, tends to induce deeper engagement, and makes it easier for readers to take action as a result of seeing the ads,” said Guy Consterdine of FIPP, which is a worldwide magazine media organization.

For advertisers this opens yet another door into the realm of the audience. By targeting both the medium and the audience we can create a campaign that offers affordable and unique opportunities to pinpoint the audience and geographical locations and make your advertising campaign more profitable overall.

Your account executive can help you develop a strategy that includes print ads, tablet ads, online banners (desktop and mobile), newsletters, and dedicated eblasts. We can help you form regional campaigns for conferences or dated events and increase awareness to a particular region or state. We can even help you to determine your audience niche and how to best utilize all the tools available to promote your ministry, business or university/seminary.

Christianity Today offers many opportunities across multiple platforms that allow you to engage with an influential Christian lay or church leaders’ audience. Contact us today to discuss what options will fit with your goals and what ideas we can bring to the table to help you expand your impact.

The Christianity Today of this millennium is more than just a magazine — it’s a global platform that conveys your message to our dedicated audience.


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Leadership and TCW Are Picking up the Pace

We’re excited about some big changes happening with Leadership Journal and Today’s Christian Woman. For the first time in its history, Leadership Journal is no longer a quarterly publication. It’s officially gone monthly! Subscribers will still receive four print issues a year. What’s new is access to 12 digital issues. These digital issues are smaller and more accessible—readers can easily relax, read the carefully focused articles, and get through an issue in one sitting. Each issue is still on a theme that today’s church leaders are talking about. If you want to check it out, download the November issue for FREE from iTunes. Not to be outdone, Today’s Christian Woman is now a weekly publication. Every week a new compact, digital issue delivers an in-depth look at a single topic relevant to Christian women, ranging from sexuality to creativity to identity, vocation, calling, and more. The issues are simple and sleek, designed to remove clutter and distraction from the reading experience. For both publications, the smaller, simpler, and more frequent issues will provide a better reading experience for subscribers, plus give advertisers new opportunities to reach ministry leaders and Christian women. If you’d like to subscribe, use these links: Leadership Journal Today’s Christian Woman Or contact us if you’d like to discuss advertising opportunities.

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2013 Media Kit: New Opportunities for the New Year

2013 Christianity Today media kit coverI know it’s not even Christmas yet, but like many of you, we’re already hard at work on plans and projects for 2013. In fact, we just recently finished our 2013 Media Kit and it’s ready to share with you.

You can download the entire media kit pdf, or you can get the same information by navigating our ad website. Either way, you’ll find opportunities to reach over 2.5 million engaged consumers and maximize your impact through our print, digital, mobile, and social media programs.

I’m especially excited to share some of the new resources we have available:

Cristianismo Hoy (p. 7) — This new digital magazine, published in cooperation with the Hispanic Evangelical Association, is designed to help you command the attention of Hispanic Christian leaders.

Newsletter roadblocks — Our new newsletter format guarantees you exclusive sponsorship. You’ll be the only advertiser with all the ad placements, in both desktop and mobile formats.

Regional banner ads (p. 56) — Pinpoint your exact audience by targeting the geographical area of your choice. Choose from 12 regions and four distinct audience groups.

Social media ads (p. 57) — Connect with more than 36,000 fans through a Christianity Today Facebook post.

Mobile ads (p. 57) — With smartphone and tablet use growing by leaps and bounds, mobile banners help you reach customers on the go.

Whether you’re focused on a single, targeted opportunity, looking for an ongoing, integrated campaign, or want to develop a customized marketing program, contact us to explore creative solutions that meet your marketing goals and needs.

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