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And the Award(s) Go To…

Each spring, the Evangelical Press Association caps off its annual convention by honoring winners of their Awards of Excellence and Higher Goals Awards, honoring excellence in overall publication quality and for achievements in individual editorial and design categories. At this year’s gathering in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 10 different publications of Christianity Today took home 45 awards, across 29 categories.

Harold Smith, President and CEO of Christianity Today, shared his thoughts on the good news, “Yes, it’s always great to be recognized in such a way by peers you admire. But it’s doubly thrilling to have a team that’s worked so hard in such a challenging industry to be so lauded for their work across ever-changing platforms. It’s but another reason why I thank God regularly for the men and women he’s drawn to this ministry.”

Awards of Excellence, given across five categories, went to Leadership JournalChurch Law & Tax Report,,,, Christianity TodayBooks & CultureChristianity Today OnlineThe Behemoth,, and Church Finance Today.

In the Higher Goals Awards, Christianity Today‘s “Ponder Christian Soldiers” series, which focused on the experience of Christian soldiers, took home first place in the Article Series category, and the Today’s Christian Woman article “3 Lies We Believe About the Bible” won first for Biblical Exposition. “Prayer Before Reading St. Mark’s Gospel,” a poem in a series of four published in Books & Culture shortly after poet Brett Foster’s death, was awarded first place in Poetry.

This is just a glimpse of the award-winning work done by the writers, editors, designers, and production staff involved in the publication of Christianity Today publications. For a complete list of Christianity Today’s 2016 awards, go here.

Laura Leonard is managing editor of,, and, as well as the special advertising sections in Christianity Today magazine.

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It’s Time for Truth, Love, and a New Website

Sharp and hurtful words jump off your screens. Unloving conversations are becoming the norm.

When you take a look at the world today, you see a turn toward ugly orthodoxy and attractive heresy—truth spoken in shrill and unloving ways, falsehood spoken in winsome and compelling fashion.

And you’re discouraged by the direction of the cultural conversations from both outside and inside the church.

All of the negativity has left the world in desperate need of truth, goodness, and beauty. In need of hope.

Christianity Today is taking the lead to reverse the trend by communicating the breadth of the true, good, and beautiful gospel. We call it Beautiful Orthodoxy.

And now through our new website,, we’re calling leaders, partners, and friends to join the cause by living out Christ’s love and truth in their jobs, ministries, and communities.

Take a few minutes to explore Watch a new video featuring our president and CEO, Harold Smith. Read stories and quotes by leaders who are committed to this cause. See how Beautiful Orthodoxy is at work in the articles across our various ministry brands. And find out how you can join with us in reflecting Christ’s love and truth.

 Beautiful Orthodoxy logo

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An Award-Winning Year

It was a good year for Christianity Today’s publications; the company took home a total of 49 awards at the 2015 Evangelical Press Association’s annual convention, which was held April 8-10 in Denver, Colorado. Nine brands received recognition for their work over the past calendar year, including Christianity Today, Christianity Today Online, Leadership Journal, Books & Culture,,, Church Finance Today, Today’s Christian Woman, and The Behemoth.

The awards honored excellence across many aspects of editorial and design, as well as overall publication quality.

Here are just a few of the award-winning articles honored:

Youth Ministry Roundtable Series,”

When the Eyes of the Blind Are Opened,” The Behemoth

The Great Giver,” Today’s Christian Woman

Awareness: Raised,” Books & Culture

An Open Apology to the Local Church,” Christianity Today

When a Pastor Resigns Abruptly,”

For a full listing of CT’s awards, see the press release here. Follow the links for a complete list of the Higher Goals awards and Awards of Excellence winners.

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Introducing “Beautiful Orthodoxy”

About a year ago, at a meeting of Christianity Today executives, the phrase “beautiful orthodoxy” slipped off my tongue at a meeting. We were discussing the challenges we faced as a company, but also the larger challenges faced by the Christian community. We all agree that the classic, centrist orthodox Christian faith is the most faithful way to frame the wonderful truths of the gospel. It’s one reason the orthodox is so important to us. But on first blush, it is not an attractive word to many others. To many, it smacks of nothing but legalism and arcane doctrine. And let’s admit, some Christians have used the word less as an invitation and more as a bludgeon.

“But what if we were to promote a beautiful orthodoxy?” I asked. “What if we were to show people the attractive way, the splendid truth, and the glorious life found in Jesus Christ? What if we were to publish in a way that emphasized the beauty of the gospel?”

This struck a chord with us not because it was a new idea. We recognized that this was in fact what we all had been trying to do, in our ministry at CT and in our lives. Yet we felt it expressed the purpose of Christianity Today in a way that we felt would especially resonate at this time. When Harold Smith, our CEO, asked me to flesh out more the need and meaning of beautiful orthodoxy, I wrote the following. It’s the beginning of our exploration of all this rich little phrase entails. (Read more here.)

Mark Galli is editor-in-chief of Christianity Today and editor of Christianity Today magazine.

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2015 Media Kit: Resources to help you meet your marketing goals

I haven’t even bought a turkey for Thanksgiving yet, but here at work I’m already well into 2015 projects — tweaking next year’s plans and figuring out how to meet my marketing goals. If you’re in the same boat, here’s something that might help — our new 2015 Media Kit.

You can download the entire media kit pdf, or you can get the same information by navigating this website. Either way, you’ll find information on our print, digital, mobile, and social opportunities that can connect you with over 3.5 million responsive consumers every month.

I like this graphic that our designer, Michael, developed to show our current (and growing) reach:

Resource growth

If you’re looking for creative solutions to help you meet your 2015 goals, take a look through the media kit, then contact Toks, Walter, or Peggy. They can customize a plan to your exact budget and marketing needs.

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