Christian Bible Studies

These Bible study leaders needs resources and tools for their Sunday school class, small group Bible study, and personal devotions. They regularly use an assortment of Bible apps and study material. They are open to continuing their education in the future for degree completion or simply personal enrichment. They help often with making purchasing decisions and recommendations for their church, and give financially to non-church organizations regularly.

E-Blast Subscribers: 48,000

Frequency: Weekly

Visitor Snapshot

  • Male: 57%; Female: 43%
  • 25-54 years: 32%
  • 55-64 years: 34%
  • 65+ years: 32%
  • Gave financially to non-church organizations in the past year: 75%
  • Holds a position of responsibility in the church: 68%


  • Attended or graduated college: 92%
  • Self or spouse plan to continue education: 43%
  • Would consider taking online courses for personal enrichment: 60%
  • Would consider taking online courses to complete a degree: 44%
  • Counsels students on which college to attend: 44%

Habits & Purchasing Activities

  • Interested in educational tours in the Holy Lands or Europe: 57%
  • Regularly uses a Study Bible: 74%; Online Bible/Bible Software: 71%
  • Makes purchasing decisions or recommendations for their church: 58%