CT Weekly

This church leader often advises their church and community on making personal and financial decisions. They are highly educated and generous with non-church organizations regularly. They are open to taking online courses for furthering education, and educational experiences such as historical tours. They regularly use a variety of Bible materials and tools in their faith.

E-Blast Subscribers: 109,000
Frequency: Weekly

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Subscriber Snapshot

  • Male: 58%; Female: 42%
  • Age:
    • 25-54 years: 32%
    • 55-64 years: 33%
    • 65+ years: 34%
  • Gave financially to non-church organizations: 87%
  • Holds a position of responsibility in their church: 60%


  • Attended or graduated college: 85%; Graduate degree: 53%
  • Self or spouse plan to continue education: 32%
  • Would consider taking online courses for personal enrichment: 56%
  • Would consider taking online courses for completing a degree: 52%
  • Counsels students on which college to attend: 59%

Habits & Purchasing Activities

  • Would be interested in taking an educational tour to the Holy Lands or Europe: 65%
  • Regularly use Bible apps and software: 89%; Study Bible: 68%; Text/reference Bible: 43%
  • Makes purchasing decisions or recommendations to their church: 50%
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