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This church leader values the news and latest content from Christianity Today. He’s highly educated and counsels students on college and seminary choices. He and his spouse are often interested in taking educational tours and enrolling in post-graduate classes for personal enrichment. He gives generously to non-church ministries and is a weekly volunteer at his church through activities.

Combined Newsletter Subscribers: 138,000

CT Weekly Frequency: Weekly

CT Direct Frequency: Daily

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Subscriber Snapshot

  • Male: 63%; Female: 37%
  • Age:
    • 25-54 years: 32%
    • 55-64 years: 32%
    • 65+ years: 38%
  • Gave financially to non-church organizations in the past year: 86%
  • Holds a position of leadership at church: 57%


  • Attended or graduated college: 85%; Graduate degree: 53%
  • Self or spouse plan to continue education: 33%
  • Would consider taking online courses for personal enrichment: 58%
  • Counsels students on which college to attend: 58%

Habits & Purchasing Activities

  • Makes purchasing decisions and recommendations for their church: 52%
  • Interested in taking a Holy Land, Europe or Greece/Turkey/Rome tour: 66%
  • Regularly uses Bible apps: 72%; Study Bible: 68%; Text/reference Bible: 42%
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