Men of Integrity

Men of Integrity provides inspiration for men in their spiritual growth. It helps strengthen and encourage their faith with thought-provoking daily devotions by Chuck Swindoll, Tony Evans, and many others. It provides biblical insight and practical ideas to help men navigate the issues they face today.


This subscriber is a decision maker and leader in his church. He plans to continue his own education and counsels students on college and seminary choices. He’s an avid reader and purchases books, Bibles, Christian CDs, and DVDs. He’s comfortably affluent, travels for pleasure, and gives generously to non-church ministries.

Subscriber Snapshot

  • Male: 67%; Female: 33%
  • 74% are between 25-64 years
  • Average household income: $74,540
  • Gives an average of $2,936 per year to non-church Christian organizations

Church Leaders & Decision Makers

  • Holds a position of responsibility at church: 83%
  • Pastor or ministerial role at church: 17%

Committed to Education

  • Attended college: 94%; Undergraduate degree: 78%; Graduate degree: 48%
  • Plans to continue education: 22%
  • Counsels students on which educational institution to attend: 40% college

Habits & Purchasing Activities

  • Reads 3 hours per week; spends an average of $319.52 annually on 18 titles;
    recommends books to others: 97%
  • Watches an average of 27 movies annually: 8 in the theater; 19 on DVD
  • Owns an average of 10 Bibles; 61% purchase Bibles each year
  • Travels annually for study and pleasure; attends conferences; interested in tours to Europe,
    the Holy Land
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