CT Connection

These educated subscribers wants to stay up-to-date on what’s happening throughout all aspects of Christianity Today, from CT Women and Ed Stetzer to the ministry organization itself. They are always looking to grow in their Bible knowledge, whether through online courses or educational tours around the globe. They hold an active leadership role in the church and are generous with non-church organizations.

Newsletter Subscribers: 47,000
Frequency: Weekly

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Subscriber Snapshot

  • Male: 60%; Female: 40%
  • Age:
    • 25-54 years: 26%
    • 55-64 years: 34%
    • 65+ years: 39%
  • Gave to non-church organizations in the past year: 82%
  • Holds a position of responsibility at church: 59%


  • Attended or graduated college: 95
  • Graduate Degree: 50%
  • Self or spouse plan to continue education: 35%
  • Would consider taking online courses: 85%

Habits & Purchasing Activities

  • Interested in going on an educational tour to the Holy Lands or Europe: 65%
  • Regularly uses a study Bible: 66%; Text/reference Bible: 40%; Bible software: 29%
  • Helps make purchasing decisions and recommendations for their church: 48%
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