Newsletter Ad Specs

Art Deadline: Due 2 weeks prior to publication date in full working order and compatible with all major browsers and platforms. (On-time launch is not guaranteed for materials received late). Subject to review and approval by Christianity Today, and any revisions will be the responsibility of the advertiser/agency.

Submitting Artwork: Send via email as attachment to: and, or place the art on your website and send URL via email to and

Size: 600×150 px, max file size: 40kb (This size will deliver on both desktop and mobile.)

General Specifications

  • Static .gif or .jpg (non-animated)
  • Banners must be encased in a 1 pixel border (gray or black recommended, though any color that clearly distinguishes the ad from the content may be used)
  • Include URL for linking (no embedded URLs)
  • Include alt text – maximum 70 characters

Native Ad Specifications

1. Title Text: maximum of 50 characters, including spaces.
2. Body Text: maximum of 200 characters, including spaces.
3. Static image: provide a 220×123 pixel image. The file should be a jpg, png, or gif no larger than 100kb.
4. Click URL: (can be any length) preferably leading to an article, blog or other media content.