Web Ad Specs

Banner Ad Specifications

Format: .gif, .jpg, .png, rich media, HTML; standard 3rd party ad tags

Art Deadline: Due 2 weeks prior to online publication date in full working order and compatible with all major browsers and platforms. (On-time launch is not guaranteed for materials received late). Subject to review and approval by Christianity Today, and any revisions will be the responsibility of the advertiser/agency.

Impressions Policy: Christianity Today is not responsible for lost impressions due to malfunction of ads housed on third-party servers or late receipt of ad materials. Christianity Today impressions reports are the reports of record.

Submitting Artwork: Send via email as attachment to: InternetAds@ChristianityToday.com and ChristianityToday@YourBOW.com, or place the art on your website and send URL via email to InternetAds@ChristianityToday.com and ChristianityToday@YourBOW.com.

General Specifications

  • Banner dimensions: 728×90, 300×600, 300×250, 600×150, 970×250
  • Maximum file size: 200Kb
  • Maximum of three creative banners per media plan line item
  • Tested by designer across all major browsers and versions prior to submission
  • Compliant with all applicable laws, regulations, and principles, including the Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising
  • Includes the following:

° Encased in 1-pixel border (gray or black recommended, though any color that clearly distinguishes the ad from the content may be used)
° URL link
° Alternate text (optional): maximum 70 characters

  • Not allowed:

° Embedded URLs
° Transparent background or design that blends into page content
° Rapid “strobing” animation of any graphic, copy, or background element
° Faux functionality
° Containing harmful applications or malware, including ActiveX, viruses, exit pops
° Cross domain scripting
° Cookies set in unapproved domains
° 4th party ad serving
° animated gifs for the 970×250 banner size

Mobile Banner Specifications

  • Mobile banner dimensions: 320×50 (no Rich Media or HTML); maximum file size: 50kb
  • Mobile interstitial banner dimensions: 300×250; .jpg, .gif, .png (no rich media or HTML);
    maximum file size: 200KB

Regional School Spotlight Banner Specifications

  • Image: 300×169 pixels
  • Title: 40 characters maximum – spaces included (If nothing is given, school name will automatically be used)
  • Deck: Text provided by school (250 characters maximum – spaces included)
  • Click-thru URL

In-Banner Video Specifications

  • Unit Size: 300×250 pixels
  • Max Initial Load File Size: 200 KB
  • Host Initiated Sub-Load File Size: 300 KB
  • Frames per Second: Cannot exceed 24 fps
  • Video Play Options: Host-initiated, 30 seconds max
  • Host Initiated Video File Size: 2.2 MB file weight
  • Formats: MP4 (preferred), MOV, FLV, MPG, AVI and DV format, or audio in MP3, AAC, WAV, ASF, PCM, M4A or AIFF format.

Hover Ad Specifications

  • All General Specifications listed above apply
  • See also General Rich Media Specifications
  • Banner dimensions: 700×400, 550×480, 300×250
  • Maximum file size: 200kb (700×400, 550×480)
  • Must open new browser window for destination page and close hover ad on click; JavaScript code for “close on click” in Flash is: javascript:hidePromo ();
  • Any form included for collecting user data must submit data directly to a website operated by the advertiser/agency. Christianity Today will not collect any submitted data and is not responsible for lost data due to any cause
  • Placement: Below the branded page header; precise page placement is at the discretion of Christianity Today
  • Delivery: Timing and frequency is managed by Christianity Today according to established policy

For more information see IAB Guidelines

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