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CT magazine subscribers are educators and leaders in their church. They often plan to continue their education and also counsel students on college and seminary choices. They seek personal enrichment in their faith and use Bible software and study apps regularly. They give generously to non-church ministries.

Subscriber Snapshot

  • Male: 54%; Female 46%
  • 69% are 55+ years old

Church Leaders & Decision Makers

  • Holds a position of responsibility at church: 62%
  • Counsels students on which educational institution to attend: 37% college

Committed to Education

  • Would take an online course to complete graduate study: 36%
  • Plans to continue education: 23%

Habits & Purchasing Activities

  • Gave to non-church organizations in the past year: 85%
  • Uses a Bible app or Bible software regularly: 78%
  • Would take an online course for personal enrichment: 53%
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