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Christianity Today is a platform for crucial conversations happening in the church—and we want to help you tell your story. 

As a nonprofit global ministry, Christianity Today engages more than 4.5 million Christian leaders every month, encouraging and equipping them to advocate for the church and shape the evangelical conversation. With our websites, podcasts, and print publications, there are multiple ways we can work with you to get your message to your target audience. 

“We’re thankful for the years-long partnership we have with Christianity Today. Natalie and Joy Beth are an absolute delight to work with and we consider them an essential part of our team. Christianity Today makes it possible for us to engage our audience...and I suggest that anyone who needs to reach pastors and church leaders consider adding Christianity Today to their marketing mix.”



Our audience is made up of highly-educated, faith-centered leaders who are decision-makers in their churches, workplaces, and communities. Reach segments specific to your audience​—women, college and seminary students, pastors and church leaders, Christian thought leaders, church management professionals, and more. 

Reach highly-educated, faith-centered, influential decision-makers through print, digital, and podcast opportunities.

Partner with CT Creative Studio to lift your brand with specific customized campaigns. Choose the format that is best for your organization — podcast series, article, or live event. 

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